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Dowty Seals

Dowty Seals are perfect solutions for bolt thread sealing. These are made available in two forms which includes elastomers and metals. These provide both low and high pressure sealing. The metal washer prevents compression and extrusion. It is used for overhead installation. It is applicable in all threaded bolts.
  • Bonded / dowty seals are cost effective solution for bolt / thread sealing
  • Versatile, applicable to all threaded bolts, studs and clearance holes
  • Sealing washers are available for metric, whitworth and BSP threads
  • bonded / dowty seals are available in a large range of elastomers and metals available
  • Wide temperature range
  • Reliable high and low pressure sealing
  • Metal washer prevents over compression and extrusion
  • Usable for overhead installation
  • Can be automatically installed
  • Seals to plane surfaces with no housing for the sealing lip
  • Visible from the outside
  • No sweating
  • Bonded / dowty seals are re usable
  • Metal washer with vulcanised sealing body of rubber for sealing of bolt heads and flanges
  • Bonded / dowty seals are available in all european thread size

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